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Sex Vs Making love

I am usually someone who keeps it minimal when it comes to getting physical, and yet I can say that I have had the best sex, almost every time I have gotten physical. I take time to see if the person matches the wave length and I usually go for Versatile men, although some Tops and Bottoms do seem legit. Even in my relationships, I have believed that I hate sex, but I love "Making Love"!. I personally feel that making love is empowering and extremely good for the body and mind. Some Tips on how to make love that I found to be a great experience with men.

Kissing -

I love passionate kissing. The guys I have been with have mostly been passionate kissers, and try out different ways while making out. Some kiss closed mouth, some give constant pecs, some smooch all over and some use their tongues. Kissing can only be done with those guys you feel passionate about, and the way a guy kisses tells a lot about them. Some just bite and shove their tongue inside you, and if you are into it, well and good. But a really good smooch is all about how much they love you. Kissing is not only about the lips. My favorite is getting kissed on my eyes and forehead, and cheeks. it makes me feel special and loved.

Licking -

I love to get licked and lick the other person. It just opens up a lot of sensations that you didn't know before. Its all about which areas a sensitive and which arouse each other. I like to get licked around the neck and my ears, belly button and even the sides of the thighs. Some guys do magic with their tongue, and all you can do is just close your eyes and immerse into it. Its nice to lick a clean body, with a bit of saliva out of your tongue. The sensation or the trail stays longer, and you can feel it on you much after.

Caressing -

Caressing is so under rated in sex. The guys who are good in bed know where to touch. They hold you like a baby, running their fingers all through your body while you moan. I usually like to touch every part the other's body, especially the parts that are usually not touched. Its not all about sucking a cock or beating it like a piece of wood. some get turned out more when you caress the thighs, and some when you run your hands through their hair. Yup. how many times have you caressed someone's face while kissing? or held their triceps while on top of you? or the waist when you are on top? its not all about the sucking nipples. you can go all the way to their toes and back.

Sweat -

May be its just me, but I get turned on by sweat. May be because it releases more pheromones, but also shows that the partner is active. The more someone sweats, I like run my fingers through it, and when it drops on your body, your body suddenly gets sensitive. you can feel getting wet everywhere, and the partner is panting to give you more pleasure. I don't think I have had someone smell bad just from the sweat while having sex, but sweating is good! it makes you prolong the cumming, your body cums faster if it gets heated up, and sweat cools down your body and you can last longer! sometimes you can feel the partner's touch, lick and sweat even after the act, or a shower! that is real intimacy.

Thigh fuck -

As I am not into Anal, I feel that getting fucked in the thigh or fucking the thigh is just a lot of pleasure, and no pain!. All of us have that sensitive part between our thighs, and with the right lube, both the partners can feel a lot of pleasure, no pain and no STD!. more than that, you last waaay longer if you want to. However big your cock is, it doesn't matter, and you still can try different positions. But some are not into it and I think it is again, an under rated form of sex

Eye contact -

I get turned off by men who don't make eye contact (unless they suck me, cose that is kinda not my thing) but I remember that the best sex I have had been with a guy, who kept eye contact throughout. We would just keep looking into each other's eyes, and even gaze and admire each other's body. We would just hold on to each other and look into each other's eyes, and smile. It gave me a new high, that someone I am admiring is looking back at me the same way! I am sure you have to be lucky enough to experience it.

Positions -

I like guys who ask me "what other position do you want to try?", be it a Bottom or Top, I think you can prolong the session while exploring different positions. I am sure all of us do the missionary and the Doggie, but there is more! My favorite is sitting on the lap and looking at each other, to wrap your legs around the waist and get your neck licked is just so damn amazing, and to cuddle sideways, where both of them are active either facing each other, or one on the back, with the dick stuffed between the thighs.

Holding hands -

Holding Hands is its own way of intimacy, where you can feel the other person's love for you. Some hold your wrist and squeeze cose they are wild that way, and some clasp fingers to show care. Especially while fucking, when you hold the other person's hand you would know if they are in pain or pleasure. you would know if they had cum, or if they are bored. Holding hands and cuddling after sex is the best thing ever.

Cuddling -

Cuddling is seen as an "after sex" thing, but boy was I wrong. This guy with whom I had the best sex ever, we would cuddle in between the sessions. Talking and smiling and looking at each other. It very intimate when you can feel each others body active, but its much more when both bodies are dormant and just when you feel the warmth and the weight of the other person on you. It makes you feel safe!

There are more intimate things that I have tried in sex, my favorite being coconut oil. Smearing oil on each other and foreplay, again cools your body and makes you last longer. I would also recommend dressing up each other after sex. It makes you feel wanted, pampered and cared for. I have had guys do that to me, and its kinda sweet and cute. Some people may be into bitting, but I am more into nibbling. I like to get my ears and nipples nibbled, its a huge turn off when it starts to pain.

Well, as you can see, sex is not all about just fucking and sucking genitals. Its an art by itself and I wish you try this out with your partner next time! You would feel like a million bucks after! and you would crave for more! all this can also be tried with women! they would worship you for it!
your welcome. ;)


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