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Bromance - 1

This is pretty much a running commentary of my life right now. Having realized that I would be in India for a short time now, I had to pretty much keep my ideas for something "long term" at bay, at least for here. But then flirting with Bi men and Straight is something that saves me from the entanglement that I want to avoid. So, when I see my college junior turn all hunky, and when my friend tells me he was found on Tinder looking for guys, you kinda have some hopes. If you have read about "being called bro", its for the agony of this meaty muscle man "bro-zoning" me. what more? This asshole has a girl friend!.

Keeping myself away from him for all the right reasons, I end up joining his gym for all the wrong reasons. Now, this was after him pretty much convincing me to join it, for he will "train" me. I am not expecting much, nor am I missing anything major in my previous gym (where I get pretty much 0 attention with everyone busy looking at themselves in the mirror).

I ask him for his location and he sends me one, which happens to be his house address. :P Well, Don;t get too excited, I end up at his gym anyway, and he greats me all friendly. Now my heart was pounding cose I had to keep a "tough" exterior and he was being too nice. As he was excited to help me with the training, his trainer comes in between and gives me "warm ups", while he was just watching me huff and puff.

While I was doing some "shoulder rotation", his trainer comments that I have "developed" my body a bit, without a second of hesitation he pinches my belly to check for fat, and I just kinda give him "the look", and then he winks!. I stop myself from giving away my "toughness" while he says that I used to be "soft and jiggly" (roughly translated in English, sorry), and then he winks again! and feels my stomach one more time while I winced.

while his trainer took over my "training", he was talking about how he has persuaded a lot of his friends to join, and then it was quite clear (as if it was not earlier) that I took the bait for joining his gym [after several consideration, of course ;)], anyway he tried his best to be "nice" to me, and I was trying my best to act "tough". As I left for the day, he says "bye" and tries to feel my arms while I kinda awkwardly try to shake hands, and look for my helmet while he asks me where I stay.

He reminds me of one of the assholes I kinda liked while in college, who turned out to be a MF who thought too much about himself. That makes me not want to get close, but just be all like "You can see but you can't touch". ugh. Who am I kidding. I wanna fucking kiss that MFing Asshole and bite his lips right there. ahem, okay, thats all for now!


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