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Hope in Hopelessness

It wasn't the first time I have lost hope and wont be the last. We are all familiar with those days when you kinda know that you might not find someone whom you can call your partner. To me, those days have become frequent. There were days when miraculously I find someone whom I would be interested in, but those days have become less frequent. Whatever may it be, being spoiled by those whom I was romantically involved with, I had to set my hopes high. Sometimes, that gives me the hope that still pushes me through. Gay relationships are hard to find, a decent guy amongst the them is almost impossible. Fake men are around the world. Assholes crowd our community, but the minute you find the right guy, its all worth it.

The way a gay man can be romantic and the things I have heard guys have done for each other when they date is just amazing. I have heard those stories, and love to hear them more. How they miraculously met out of all the other guys with all the paradoxes aside. How they have traveled across the world to be with the guy they like. How they have traveled together and have seen the world. The small romantic gifts they give each other. The letters, the conversations, the jealousy, the insecurity and even the drama. The most beautiful relationships that are as manly yet feminine I have seen are from the gay relationships, where the give and take are highly mutual and the roles are so versatile. The passion and the care is so vivid and free.

There are always these men who use the other and tamper them beyond repair. It takes time to trust and love again, all these stories may not have a happy ending, yet, I see their eyes glow of the memory. 


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It's been so long since I wrote. But then when I see people read my blog, and say how much they relate. It compels me to write more. I thought that I don't have much to write anymore. Same old issues, same old stories. I even didn't want to write thinking that the issues I mentioned would probably dilute the matter with too many posts. But then I write today because something recently struck me hard. A conversation with a love interest who is looking for a partner, realized that I talked a lot about my previous love .Which I didn't know was so obvious. But I clearly didn't move on. After may be discussing for a whole hour, he asked if I am looking for a lover or a partner? Because you don't have much time until you spend time loving someone who may never be your partner. That's when I realized that I for all these years, haven't had a proper romance, and I am already out of that age. I am old enough to settle down and look for a partner, instead of

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Sometimes when you are gay, you are isolated, there are no mentors to guide you what is right and what is wrong. You have to tread carefully and move forward. With all the experience that I have gained so far, I would have to see what is gonna work and what doesn't. A few things that I would want to tell my younger self if I were to meet him. 1) They are as scared as you are - I remember the days when I used to ask a hundred questions before I share my photos. I was worried that I would be blackmailed, that I would be raped, and that the guys would kidnap and sell me off. Yes, all this does happen. There are many who are really evil, but as time went, I realized that most of the guys are just helpless and are scared themselves. There are many married men who live a double life, there are famous men, who don't want to come out, there are young boys who are going through the same as you. In fact, some of them are more closed than you are! 2) You would be rejected - Rej